Importancia del envase alimentario
Product packaging is becoming more important every day, especially for so-called gourmet or premium products.
If packaging is defined from a marketing standpoint, it is the total of visual elements that allow a product to be presented to a potential buyer with an appearance that is as appealing as possible, conveying values of the brand and its market positioning. It function exceeds that of the actual package (containing, protecting, distributing and presenting products); it is therefore used to communicate brand values that are more emotional than rational. When seeking well designed packaging, we want our product to stand out above the rest, without overlooking convenience for the consumer and function; it should be practical, safe, product-friendly and reusable, with an attractive design. If you turn our packaging into value-added for a product in order to boost sales, you will also be able to:
    • Capture the attention of potential consumers Arouse customer interest
    • Convince consumers of your product’s high quality
Entice consumers to purchase the product at a crucial time, when there is very little time in which they have to decide on one product or another. Through the food packaging our customers order from us not only do we guarantee preservation of the food, but we also offer a large number of options for customisation through printing. We are also involved in the field of packaging gourmet food products, particularly with our oleopack for premium olive oil. While packaging is always important, it becomes a fundamental and inherent part of the image and quality of the product that needs to be conveyed.

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