Metal Packaging

Metal packaging is found in all areas of modern life owing to its versatility and its overwhelming acceptance by consumers. 

The sustainability of metal packaging, together with the outstanding qualities described below make it an ideal packaging solution to respond to the changing demands of today’s society.

It is the best packaging for food as it preserves freshness and nutritional qualities.  It prevents air, oxidation and bacteria from contaminating the product.

Opaqueness prevents the destruction of vitamins that are affected by light

Metal offers the best mechanical resistance to impacts.

Innovative forms and leading-edge design offer customers a more solid brand image and differentiation for their products at point of sale.

Metal packaging cannot be opened without evident signs of manipulation

When exposed to the elements, a steel container is degraded in a few months and turned into iron oxide, which is harmless to the soil.

This characteristic allows empty tinplate cans to be retrieved by electromagnets, meaning that the selection process for this material in the recycling chain is simpler

100% of its material is reused for the production of new steel. Tinplate cans are the only packaging product to be 100% recycled indefinitely; in other words, their raw material can be reused no matter how often they are discarded in order to make new cans, or in other industries such as construction, automotive, home appliances, electronics, decoration, etc.

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