Rectangular can chemical products

Capacities ranging from 125ml to 5l and exclusive features such as reinforced axial resistance and caps that allow precision dispensing.



Data Sheet

Clousure SystemAir inlet capPanellingRaised triangle for blind 
60 x 4385175 mlOP     
60 x 4395200 mlOP     
60 x 43111236 mlOP     
60 x 43120250 mlOP     
76 x 49135400 mlOP     
76 x 49159500 mlOP     
94 x 68150750 mlOP     
94 x 681851 LOP     
147 x 901802 L OP  OP 
147 x 902202,5 L OP  OP 
147 x 902603 L OP  OP 
147 x 903304 L OP  OP 
162 x 1081702,5 L OPOPOPOPOP
162 x 1082093 L OPOPOPOPOP
162 x 1082501 L OPOPOPOPOP
162 x 1082904 L OPOPOPOPOP
162 x 1083205 L OPOPOPOPOP
162 x 1083255 L OPOPOPOPOP

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