Dehesa de Búlar wins a bronze medal for Best Design in Retail at the Evooleum 2018 Packaging Awards.
For yet another year, Evooleum has given out its international olive oil packaging awards. Evoleum is aware of the growing importance the image of packaging has on our decision to purchase.  Presentation and design are vital to attract consumer attention, a creative revolution that naturally also affects the olive oil market. This was the reason for the creation of the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) Packaging Award which acknowledges the best designs in different categories:
  • Best Design EVOO Premium
  • Best Innovative Design
  • Best Design in Retail
Choosing the winners was the Evooleum Packaging Awards jury comprising leading figures in the world of design, fashion and communication. Grupo Auximara would like to make special mention of Dehesa de Búlar, which won the Bronze medal in the Best Design in Retail category with the packaging for Oiléconsisting of a metal olive oil can combining design, function and sustainability,  and making the best use of the maximum guarantees only metal cans can offer for preserving oil. Congratulations! We would like to thank Dehesa de Búlar for the trust they have shown Grupo Auximara for the production of their packaging. Now we need only wait until next year for the Evooleum Packaging Awards to once again show us the design trends for packaging in such a buoyant market as the market for olive oil.
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