Reciclar envases metálicos
Metal is a permanent material that is infinitely recyclable. Recycling significantly reduces the use of raw materials, improving the environmental qualities of metal packaging.
Metal containers have various utilities and their use is part of a sustainable way of life since they are produced in a responsible and efficient way, presenting absolute barrier properties that protect their contents for as long as possible. According to Empac, in Europe 1300 million tons of waste are generated every year and the metal represents only 0.23% of the total flow, as the use of recycled steel increases, the flow of waste will decrease. In the world, 9 million cans are currently recycled every hour. In Europe the current recovery rate of recycled steel cans is 71% and in Spain 77%. It is expected that in 2020 the average recycling rate of Europe’s metal container will be 80%. Metal is a permanent material, infinitely and 100% recyclable, and a leader in recycling which translates into a significant reduction of environmental impacts. Recycling steel saves natural resources, reduces the total waste of metal containers and, at the same time, further reduces the carbon footprint produced by packaging of these materials.

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