Desaparecen aceiteras rellenables en horeca
In order to prevent fraud involving olive oil and to improve its quality, the government has banned the use of refillable oil bottles in bars, restaurants and hotels.
A notice posted on the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment website on 9 July 2013 reported a communication by Minister Arias Cañete that a royal decree was being put through to regulate the compulsory use of oil packaging in the Spanish hospitality industry through a protective system that prevents a container from being refilled. Likewise, he expressed his disagreement with the withdrawal of the proposal to prohibit refillable oil bottles in the EU by the European Commissioners for Agriculture and Health, requesting them to reinstate the measure and incorporate it into EU law. He also highlighted the fact that the government is working for the olive oil industry by pushing through legislation regulating the food chain and encouraging integration of agricultural cooperatives, in addition to strategies to improve quality, promotion, marketing and internationalisation, among others. GRUPO AUXIMARA is working to adapt to the requisites of the royal decree and to contribute to compliance with the new law, by supplying metal packaging for olive oil fitted with non-refillable devices.

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