Sostenibilidad del envase
Envase y Sociedad have just launched their Platform for Sustainable Packaging with the aim of becoming a meeting place for the public and organisations and institutions in different fields, where information on the sustainable management of packaging can be shared and exchanged.
This platform has been created in order to provide a space where the parties involved in the packaging process can express any concern, exchange ideas or suggest practices for improvement with regard to the life cycle of packaging. This provides greater social and economic benefits given that the packaging found in the market serves a specific purpose: offering users certain returns and contributing to the better and longer-lasting preservation of products. The health of consumers is protected and the product kept safe, in addition to adapting to the needs of consumers and their daily habits. This allows the amounts of product users tend to use at a given time to be optimised, while bearing in mind environmental responsibility for packaging. The platform seeks to promote the prioritisation of political, environmental and business strategies through measures for prevention, design and material optimisation, and consumer and citizen education and information in order to reduce the use of resources as much as possible. According to Eco Acero, Spanish companies have achieved savings of more than 9.5 million tonnes in raw materials since 1998. Moreover, prevention and recycling measures have succeeded in exceeding the sum of 21.7 million tonnes of recycled material, with savings of 25.1 million MWh of energy, 314 m3 of water and the equivalent amount of 15 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.

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